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Creating a fusion culture mecca of fashion industry.
Major Research Areas

High-sensitivity Textile & Fashion Products

  • Natural sensitivity apparel using PET compound materials.
  • Lightweight insulated outdoor apparel using hybrid wool.
  • Women’s apparel for artificial fur using the quilting technique.
  • Traditional middle eastern costumes with improved deep color effect and dyeing property.

High-functional Textile & Fashion Products

  • Middlewear for hiking with excellent cooling effect.
  • Junior foundation with seamless heterogeneous structure.
  • Energy-saving summer cool biz apparel.
  • Speed skating suit with low air resistance.

Ergonomic Textile & Fashion Products

  • 'Muscle-Fit' sportswear for body mapping pattern.
  • Rehabilitation patient gown with differentiated designs.
  • Transforming fashion apparel and camping goods.
  • Workwear with improved comfort.

IT Convergence Textile Products

  • Sensible interior lighting with light-emitting textiles.
  • Smart military uniforms that can monitor vital signs.
  • Protective suits for detecting strong acids and gas.
  • Textile sensor for detecting piezo-electric/piezocapacitive pressure
  • 3D printer & 4D smart textiles

Fashion Marketing

  • Development of fashion promotion tool using smartphone application.
  • Fashion & consumer trend analysis system using big data.
  • Development of data science marketing service for fashion customizing.

Scope of Commissioned Projects

  • Consultation for resolving technical issues of small/medium businesses.
  • New product development trends survey service.
  • New product development and performance evaluation research service.
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