Korea Research Institute for Fashion Industry(KRIFI) was established in 2010 being integration of the Korea Research Institute for Sewing Technology(KSTI)
and the Fashion Center Korea(FCK). KRIFI is a government-affiliated nonprofit institute under Ministry of Trade & Industry, Energy(MOTIE) specializing in professional research and company support. It is to upgrade the design planning of the domestic industry, nurturing a professional workforce, and to secure design products that are distinctive and of higher quality.

In an effort to enhance the international competitiveness of the Korean fashion industry, KRIFI is carrying out numerous support activities throughout all areas of the domestic fashion industry. It includes fashion information analysis, prototype production, marketing assistance, human resources training, and performing R&D functions.

KRIFI also has been making on-going efforts to stimulate the cooperative relationship with the fashion communities, hosting annual international symposiums, workshops, Daegu Fashion Fair and conducting educational seminars&training, and supporting exhibition & fashion show on a regular basis. We have a various enterprise support setup such as Creative Design Studio, Fashion resource room and fashion related publications, etc.

Now and for ever, KRIFI is aimed at branding Korean fashion developing one of the best products in the world and promoting Daegu city as a Global fashion city.
At the same time, KRIFI will continue its efforts to expand its presence and reach out to new textile industry with a creative spirit.

Contact : Krifi@krifi.re.kr / +82-53-721-7400
Fashion Business Divi.+82-53-721-7400 / R&D Divi.+82-53-721-7400